Silodrome Launches Print Store with Limited100

the silodrome automotive wall art store

Silodrome, the leading automotive blog has partnered with Nottingham-based Limited100 to launch a print store showcasing exclusive handcrafted wall art from some of the world’s leading car and motorcycle photographers.

Helping car enthusiasts ‘make their house their home’, Limited100 creates exclusive handcrafted automotive wall art. Printed, framed, signed and numbered, all by hand, in Britain from sustainable, museum-quality materials, the company offers a carefully selected range of vintage, classic, retro and modern automotive art in a variety of print formats.

This new collection, featuring the works of artists Paul Ward, Abby Bowers, Tim Wallace, Rick Noël and Niall Julian, is a unique range curated by Ben Branch, founder of Silodrome.

What is Silodrome?

Named after a carnival sideshow attraction sometimes referred to as the “Wall of Death”, Silodrome was founded in 2010 by Ben Branch as a website dedicated to Gasoline Culture and all it entails, writing about modern cars, classic cars, motorcycles, racing, gear, gadgets, clothing, boats, planes, airships and the occasional submarine.

ben branch silodrome founder automotive classic car blog

Ben (right) explains: “Silodrome began as a very simple collection of vehicles, gear, and automotive history that I liked. Early posts were very simple and short, but the popularity of the site took off quite unexpectedly, and it became a full-time job in 2014.”

A British/Australian with a great love of old machines and their stories, Ben also “loves overland adventures, tinkering in the shed, weird craft beers, and crawling around on the garage floor looking for that cursed 10mm socket.”

“When I started Silodrome, I was living in Hong Kong and automobile ownership there is only for the rich - parking spaces can cost hundreds of thousands of pounds and that’s before you buy a car to leave on it. I started Silodrome to keep myself somewhat immersed in the world of cars and motorcycles, it was never meant to become a full-time gig but looking back, I’m glad it did.”

Why Silodrome has launched a print store in partnership with Limited100

Ben added: “One of the key things I try to do with Silodrome is use it as a platform to showcase people doing good work. I like the fact that Limited100 works with local photographers and does their printing locally too, it’s an important business model and of course, the images themselves are fantastic.”

simon wright founder limited100 car prints

“I think the locally-made nature of the business will appeal broadly; more and more people are shying away from oftentimes low quality, outsourced manufacturing.”

Simon Wright, founder of Limited100 (right) added: “As big fans of the Silodrome blog for a number of years now, we are extremely proud to have partnered with such an established name in the automotive media space, and to see that our artists, designers, printers and framers are getting the recognition they deserve. We look forward to working with Ben long into the future to offer car enthusiasts around the globe a truly unique range of automotive wall art”.

Visit the Silodrome Print Store, curated by Ben Branch.

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