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Limited100 works exclusively with a carefully selected range of industry partners, ranging from classic car insurance specialists to media publications, and petrolhead holiday websites. Explore our recommended partners and learn about exclusive offers here: 

For over 30 years Footman James has been at the heart of the classic vehicle movement; specialising in both classic car insurance and classic motorcycle insurance. We understand that classic cars and motorcycles are more than just vehicles; they are a passion and a labour of love.

Petrolheads Welcome is a web portal designed to help car lovers find venues that their cars would enjoy. There are plenty of sites to help people find and rate hotels and restaurants, but only Petrolheads Welcome checks the suitability of venues from the car’s perspective.

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Sprite Photography
Rick Noël is one of our resident photographers. His company, Sprite Photography, has over 10 years' experience working in and alongside motorsport and automotive brands. Based in the south of England they have good access to many circuits and motoring facilities, including Silverstone, Millbrook Proving Ground and Bedford Autodrome.

Jaguar Enthusiasts' ClubWe formed the Jaguar Enthusiasts' Club because we understand what it means to be truly passionate about our cars. It's not something you can measure - you have to feel it. As the largest club of Jaguar enthusiasts in the world, we help our members give their passion the attention it deserves, and with 44% of our members having been with us for over a decade, we're clearly doing something right.

The owners of vintage bikes, cars and aircraft not only want to be able to operate their vehicles in the appropriate attire, but also their lifestyle products need to reflect their values. Classic Racing Spirit aims to service the three main fan bases of classic bikes, cars and aircraft by supplying beautifully designed, handcrafted merchandise. Products are intended to be practical and functional, employing the intentions, skills and materials from each era.