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João Meneses is a young self-taught photographer who from a tender age, developed a unique passion for, and a very strong connection with photography and the automotive world, influenced by his dad. Shortly after he concluded his professional qualification in the health sector (Physiotherapy), dedicating his time entirely to photography became a possibility and later on a reality. João bought his first camera and embraced the challenge of self-learning the basics, leading to an evolution from an amateur to a professional freelance photographer. Today, after 4 years and a lot of dreaming, hard work and persistence, João has accumulated partnerships with prestigious brands such as Ferrari Portugal, Aston Martin Portugal and Maserati Iberia. He has participated in world-renowned events including the 4H European Le Mans Series, International GT Open and Algarve Classic Festival, among others. João also worked for Cars and Coffee Portugal and with the Top Gear Portugal magazine, and currently works as a freelancer in the UK, photographing private events such as Concours of Elegance on behalf of firms such including “Topos e Clássicos" magazine.