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johan wedenstrom saab wall art photographer
As Limited100 gains new customers, we increasingly receive requests for a more diverse range of automotive art. Until now we have never offered a range of Swedish car pictures for sale. Thankfully, Johan Wedenström has entered the scene and we are delighted to introduce the Saab collection, with more brands to follow.

Johan's interest in cars originates from his father, who had beautiful family cars like a Jaguar E-Type, Jaguar Mark X, Volvo 164 and others. Initially Johan started out as a graphic artist, but he soon realised that photography was his great passion. He has worked in the car industry for 20 years and his first customer was SAAB Cars in Sweden, where he was working for the PR-department. Pretty soon he was transferred to the studio for their sales catalogues, where he was offered the opportunity to work with their high-end models. Based in Gothenburg, Sweden, Johan spends a lot of time travelling and photographing for both Swedish and international customers all over the world like Volvo Cars, Volvo LV/Trucks, Polestar, Volvo Ocean Race/Puma, Volvo Penta, Husqvarna Global, Husqvarna Construction, Sony Ericsson, IKEA and others. He received the Golden IAA, International Automotive Award in 2008.

professional automotive photographer

In this article, Johan Wedenström answers some questions so you can find out more about how he captures and digitally-enhances his imagery for some of the world’s leading brands:

How did you get into automotive photography?

It was actually the case that my aunt's husband was SAAB's official photographer in Sweden in the 70-80s and there I got a summer job with him in the lab making printers for the PR department. When, after studying at photography school, I bought my first camera, a Hasselblad 553 ELX, I started taking pictures of friends and acquaintances. It was only then that I became fascinated by photography and being able to shape different products with light. After this, I applied as an assistant to a car photographer and was accepted there and stayed for 5 years. After this, I started my own company and started photographing on a professional level for clients in the industry.

What is the key to taking a good photo?

Planning is probably the key to a good picture, and shooting a lot and testing different angles and not being afraid to make mistakes. With that comes a lot of knowledge of light, angles, depth of field, colours, but that we all have different impressions of a good image. There are so many different angles in what is a good picture, I usually go by my gut feeling and that you work it out together with the team.

What’s the most interesting car photoshoot you’ve ever done for a client?

It must be during the launch of the Volvo XC60 on the island of Gotland In the Swedish archipelago. Fantastic location with wonderful rock formations and a light from limestone that is absolutely incredible.

What is your dream three-car garage and why?

I have always been weak for Porsche and of course for Saab but also older Corvettes. Today there are so many beautiful cars both new and old that have amazing lines.

Have you always been a petrolhead?

No, not really, I've always loved motorcycles and old mopeds like the Husqvarna Silver Arrow and naturally the Vespa. It probably came in later years when I started going to racing and to exhibitions. Since then, my father has been an inspiration to the interest in cars, he has been chairman of Volvo's P1800 club in Sweden for many years.

How important is the editing in getting that perfect shot?

Today we work on (building images) with that, I mean that you light the car in the studio in different parts and have a strict schedule to follow that we develop before the photo shoot. The computer and the retouching have become an important element in the completion of the final image, but of course lighting and the shape of the car are the most important to be able to convey one.

Do you have any tips for aspiring automotive photographers?

Photograph a lot and do it according to your own feelings and knowledge. I believe that you should also try different things such as people, products, studios and above all have fun. Test, test, test and do not be afraid to make mistakes.

Are there any contacts in the automotive industry who really inspire you?

No actually not, I've probably always been inspired by fashion photography and the old style of photography like Herb Ritz and Michael Jansson.

What sparked your interest in working with Limited100?

I got a tip from a colleague in the automotive industry and thought this was a very nice way to be able to share pictures that I have made and that it is just a run of 100 limited editions per image makes it very exclusive.

Where do you see yourself in three years’ time?

I will still work as a photographer and continue to be curious and develop myself together with my team. We will take one more step towards film together with photography for the future.

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